Our Services

1. Basic and detailed study and engineering

Our technical and engineering department is mainly concerned with attending to the technical needs that are required for each project, with a high level of qualification and in continuous process of modernization.
Our detailed engineering is one of the most advanced and modern worldwide, adapted to the main regulations that are required when conducting studies and engineering of cabinets and electrical panels in low voltage: IEC, UL, CSA, GHOST, etc. ..., in this way we have the versatility of being able to meet the needs of our clients internationally.

Our portfolio covers the needs at the level of cabinets and electrical panels: Power, lighting, CCM'S, communication, PLC'S including programming, local control station, etc ...

2. Turnkey projects (EPC).

One of our great bastions, KEYS IN HAND, or Enginnering-Procurement-Construction (EPC).

With extensive experience as an Epecist, DMSE XXI, has intervened in international projects of great importance.

In other projects, DMSE XXI has provided the client with the necessary resources from its construction department, such as: study, management and supervision of the different systems and processes that comprise the process of a work of this size, as well as assembly procedures subject to the current regulations of the country in which these works are being carried out.

Our KNOW HOW as EPC'S, detail engineering, integral supply of materials, total work management, including the necessary resources per activity involved in the construction process, optional management, direct and fluid communication with final customer, time optimization and implementation of processes including quality final dossiers, always under ISO 2001: 2015.

We offer complete engineering services, design and turnkey packages. Our references cover both conventional and renewable Oil & Gas and Energy Generation projects:

- Engineering and design
- Supply
- Installation
- Commissioning and supervision

DMSE XXI provides complete systems of:

• Communications and industrial security.
• Electric tracing.
• Air conditioning and air conditioning.
• Lighting.
• Atmospheric discharge protection systems.

The references we provide are our hallmark.

3. Bulk Material, Oil&Gas y FEC.

DMSE XXI has developed and implemented its own monitoring and total material management system for projects that we call “Complete Supply Management” (GCS).
This system manages to meet the needs of our customers, from the moment you request an offer, until the final phase, which would be the delivery of these materials for final installation.


• Standardization of products
• Establishment of procedures and operating systems approved by the client
• Elimination of surpluses through repurchase agreements
• Establishment and operation on site or in a nearby location.
• Establishment of stocks per project
• Report according to the conditions of the project, using computer systems compatible with those of the client
• Elimination of delays
• Prices valid for an entire project, even for small quantities.
• Stock removal
• Standardized products
• Savings derived from the fact that it is the supplier who is responsible for the purchasing, logistics and storage processes